How does Tarot work?

Ask me a question about something in your life that needs clarifying.
Yes or No questions are not ideal, but open ended questions like :
“How can I improve my relationship” or
“What benefits will this job bring me?”

The Tarot cards and my intuition deliver messages from your Higher Self.

Psychic Tarot Readings:

Mini Reading (3-5 cards) for $15

Standard Reading (6-10 cards) for $25

Deep Reading for (11-15 cards) for $35

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Kind Words

That was an awesome reading, greatly appreciated and much needed. Everything was right on target. I just get frustrated and want to give up but I know that I need to hang on and it will all come to fruition. Thanks!

Jessie Holton

December 4th, 2016, United States

Julia was right on spot!

Her reading not only accurately described my current life events, but she was able to advise what I need to do to get back on track and where I need to apply my focus.

Her insight made sense and will help me get back on the right track! I highly recommend Julia! šŸ™‚


August 29th, 2016 , United States

Very good Reading from Julia. Spot on with intuition and guidance. Has given me direction and helped me see a situation clearly and what I must do.


November 27th , United Kingdom

You more than exceeded my expectations of this reading! Your reading of my chakras was the most eye-opening part of this experience. I’ve never had my chakras read, but you pointed out what I have been having trouble expressing. I am still stunned with how perfectly you were able to read my chakras over the computer.

Love the Angel cards. Very positive readings, and provide great affirmations!

In the Tarot, I like how you summed up all of the cards and connected them to my question. It was a very positive outlook and it reminds me that I need to let go a bit and just let things happen in their time.

While this may not pertain to the reading, I also liked how you personalized the reading. You didn’t just disconnect and read me. You made a connection with me, and made me feel like it’s ok to struggle sometimes. You also made me feel like I was getting advice from a friend.

Very impressed! Would love to keep in touch for future readings šŸ™‚

Thanks Julia!


July 4th, 2016 , United States

Thank you so much for the reading and for so much detail! My feedback is: wowzers!! For your psychic reading of it, you are right on the money. Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re doing this work, you clearly have a gift and also enjoy it. It’s such a valuable gift that the world needs, to help people have clarity. So thank you again!!

Stephanie McKay

September 29th, 2016, Canada

Aw Julia,

What a beautiful, beautiful reading.

Iā€™m going to spend some time really digesting what you’ve told me in your reading – your psychic ability is astounding and your cards really on point. You have a lovely style.

Much love, and many, many, thanks to you for the reading

Fay Robinson

June 18th, 2016 , United States

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