What is Yoga?

YOGA means Union.
The Union of all parts of yourself.
Body, Mind and Spirit.
Suffering happens these are not aligned and balanced.
If this state persists, illness appears in the body and mind.

What do we do?

  • Breathing Exercises called Pranayama
  • Postures called Asanas
  • Guided Meditation

How does it benefit me?

  • Increases physical strength and flexibility
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Connects you to your inner wisdom
  • Gives you clarity and a sense of purpose

Who are the classes for?

Classes are adapted to all levels, for groups, individuals, adults or children.

What do you offer?

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga uses a set series of Asanas (postures) that help to purify the body and the energy channels, preparing for concentration and meditation. The practice is dynamic and activates Yang energy. This form of yoga trains the student to become independent in the practice. “Mysore style” classes are where each student continues his practice individually with a teacher present for adjustments or questions.
  • Vinyasa Yoga is the coordination of body movement with the breath. Your breath is very linked to the Mind. Notice how you breathe when stressed or angry! By linking breath and movement, you align Body and Mind to the present moment (rather than thinking one thing and doing another!).
  • Yin Yoga activates the Yin energy of the body, bringing the body and mind into stillness, inner observance and deep healing. Postures are held for several minutes, muscles are not used but rather the pull of gravity for deep connective tissue stretching.
  • Sound Healing uses sound vibration to heal. Many different instruments can be used. I use 7 Tibetan bowls corresponding to the 7 Chakras. The vibration from the bowls calms the nervous system, readjusts cell activity and deeply relaxes the mind. It enables a person to switch to the Parasympathetic nervous system and heal many layers. During the healing the Chakra’s are activated and balanced.
  • Meditation is a practice where one concentrates and observes the Self and the Mind without judgment. There are many different forms of meditation, some are guided by the teacher, using visualization to alter the states of the Mind and work on layers of the Self, or silent meditations with different concentration techniques.

My Yoga Journey

🙏 My mother is my first teacher 🙏

Yoga helped me overcome addictions and toxic relationships.

I studied in the Abhijna School of Yoga in Kerala, India.
I lived on cite for 6 months, working and learning.

I’ve been teaching since 2013.
I love watching the transforming magic of Yoga.

Stay tuned for the next retreats!

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