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Kind Words

"I was cradled within a joyful protective relaxed bubble of fun and “like minded” people. I completely enjoyed all of the activities and the space that was both existing and created. I liked so many things so it’s hard to say what I like the best. The kirtan, the painting exercises, the group movement and drama activities, the shaking and dance, yoga the chocolate and food, the company! The conversations and the space to create. The collaboration."


"Her reading not only accurately described my current life events, but she was able to advise what I need to do to get back on track and where I need to apply my focus. Her insight made sense and will help me get back on the right track! I highly recommend Julia!"


"Thank you so much for the reading and for so much detail! My feedback is: wowzers!! For your psychic reading of it, you are right on the money. Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re doing this work, you clearly have a gift and also enjoy it. It’s such a valuable gift that the world needs, to help people have clarity. So thank you again!!"